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Heritage Ranch

Preston trains out of the horse training facility, Heritage Ranch in Farr West, Utah (40 miles North of Salt Lake City). The ranch has 122 stalls, 2 riding arenas, covered round pen, 2 walkers and multiple turnout pens.

Heritage Ranch offers full service horse care for every horse on the property. Horses are fed twice a day and each indoor stall is equipped with an automatic waterer. You can choose between an indoor or outdoor stall. The outdoor stalls are completely covered to keep your horse shaded in the summer and protected from the elements in the winter.

The ranch is designed with the performance horse in mind. The arena ground has been specifically formulated for reining and other disciplines, and we make sure it gets watered and worked with our Kiser drag every day.

In case of emergency, Heritage Ranch offers an onsite Veterinary clinic, and a 24 hr watch. South Valley Equine has a satellite location in Heritage Ranch. Their main clinic is located in South Jordan and their repro center is located in Saratoga Springs. South Valley provides incredible veterinary services to the horses at Heritage and to others in the area.

About South Valley Equine: Three partners lead the clinic with more than 75 years combined experience. Clients seek out our practice from as far away as California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming. we provide first rate care for virtually all disciplines of equestrian activities – from backyard pets to world class performance horses.

Heritage Ranch also offers an underwater treadmill to help with equine healing and conditioning. The treadmill we have is the The Horse Gym 2000 Aquatrainer. It is the first of its kind in the United States. It blends the powerful benefits of other underwater treadmills with unmatched filtration and safety features. With this state of the art system we can get horses into competition ready condition or over injuries in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. Studies show a 30% reduction in recovery time after surgeries and up to 60% faster recovery from soft tissue injuries. This is key to regaining you horse’s top performance level in a short amount of time. The underwater treadmill is also great at accelerating conditioning of a horse, 20 sessions on the treadmill are similar to 90 days of hard riding.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmills:

• Reduce recovery time after surgery by 30%
• Decrease scar tissue development
• Improve range of motion
• Reduce weight bearing 40-60%
• Soft tissue mobilization & joint decompression
• Reduce recovery time of soft tissue strains by 50-60%
• Strengthen musculature & accelerate conditioning