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What Others Have Said

“The Preston Kent Reining crew has given me an excellent introduction into the reining world. Preston is a very good, detail-orientated instructor, and the horse I purchased from Sage Hill Arabians is a perfect fit for me. I shoot to one day win the non-pro and am confident that Preston can get both me and my horse to that point.” —Diane C.

“I have worked with Preston for several years now and have never been disappointed in his work! He helped me with my reining mare and taught me how to work with her in every aspect. My family recently sent our 7-yr-old mare to be trained by him. She is a handful but Preston did a remarkable job with her. He works with each individual horse and their personality. He is gentle in his approach and all around a great trainer! I recommend him to everyone!” –Kelsey T.

“Preston did a great job of giving my horse a really great foundation to build on. Very talented rider and trainer. I would recommend him to anyone wanting some kind, consistent, thorough training on their horse. I can’t say enough good things about the way Preston changed my horse’s life, and mine. He was kind, gentle, and careful… My horse and I are starting our show career this spring and I can’t thank Preston enough.” —Shirley K.

“I appreciate [Preston’s] kind and gentle hands… Preston has sure exceeded my expectations in patience as “SI” continues to improve. “SI” actually acts likes he is glad to see Preston and they look so good together. I’ve truly been pleased.”
Emily W.

“Thank you Preston and your team for a fabulous showing of our horses!”
—Silver Spurs Equine

“Thank you Preston for all the great results – year after year!”
—Elyse T.

“I met Preston while he was training at Coyote Creek Equestrian Center. He is very talented and does great work.”
Cory R.

“Preston is one of the most soft-spoken trainers I have ever met. He does amazing work with every horse I have seen him work with. I recommend him to anyone that wants to learn the best way to work with your horse’s personality.” —Vicki F.